It is my pleasure to welcome you to my new web site.

After 12 years hosting a television programme focused on investigative journalism and consumer affairs, I decided to push the limits of my professional life. I made a choice to finally reveal some unsuspected facets of my image.

Today, the uncompromising journalist has given way to the host who is certainly still dynamic but above all smiling and warm…something I have dreamed of doing for a long time.

At this point in my life, I want to devote myself to other projects by setting aside investigative journalism and dedicating myself to hosting programmes which are more varied but every bit as captivating.

Here on my web site you’ll find the latest news about my professional life and of course about my passions which have guided me for such a long time.


You know me because you’ve seen me on the small screen talking to you about consumer affairs, health or shining the spotlight on the worst rip-offs or hunting down fraudsters. In short, I’ve been putting my nose where it has no business going even to the point of being booted in the pants because I wasn’t necessarily welcome there. I was host and co-host of the show J.E. on the TVA network for 12 years---work which I loved and which allowed me to meet some incredible people and have unforgettable experiences.

Previously, I worked as a reporter at TVA Montreal and TVA Quebec as well as for Radio-Canada in Ontario. You heard my voice for the first time on radio at Radio-Canada in Sudbury, my first job as a journalist. Shortly after that I left Northern Ontario and headed south. My first stop was the automobile capital, Windsor, and then 8 years in Toronto, notably, as parliamentary correspondent for Radio-Canada.

These 25 years in the world of television allowed me to acquire an undeniable credibility…and in addition allowed me to become perfectly bilingual!

And finally, in parallel with this professional life, I am passionate about theater and sports. For those of you who don’t know me yet I’ll tell you that I run on adrenaline and that physical training is a part of my daily life!


by Annie Gagnon and Louise-Marie Lacombe
published by Éditions Plume de Pluie

As its title says, ENQUÊTES ET EN QUÊTE, goes far beyond the simple recounting of anecdotes and instead creates a space for an intimate encounter with someone who has lived these stories in real life. For the first time, Annie Gagnon is free of the restrictions of television and shares publicly everything the camera couldn't or didn't want to show about her.

ENQUÊTES ET EN QUÊTE is available in all bookstores throughout Quebec.


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